Here's how it works.

   Loan Program

   This program allows for clients who have possibly been receiving returns from a certificate of deposit or other investment vehicle to receive a larger return. This is not an investment and is not backed by any agency or government program. This a simple interest loan between an individual and a business. The features and benefits of this program are guaranteed by the honesty and integrity of Mike Powell ( President ). For approximately nine years I worked in the car business. Starting as a sales person and being promoted to finance manager and then sales manager. With this success and education along with my life time of studying finance, wealth creation and management it was a natural progression for me to start my own finance 


   Any funds loaned to Powell Ventures Inc. will be paid the annual simple interest rates that follow :

100.00 to 19,999.99     3%

20,000.00 to 49,999.99   4%  

50,000.00 to 99,999.99   5%

100,000.00 and above          6%

   This is for a one year period, with no exceptions and should not be funds that you will need for any reason during that year. You may over time add to the loan, with the minimum amount being 100.00. This is simple interest. So if you do a loan of 100,000.00 and decide to renew the loan after a year, but take out the interest, you will receive a check for 6,000.00.

   If you would like to take proceeds from the loan you may do so with 30 days written notice prior to your one year anniversary. Your loan amount may not be reduced to less than 100.00 unless you are taking out the entire loan. You will r​eceive a 1099 for the interest made during any calendar year. Any and all taxes due will be your responsibility.

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